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Alexandra Syndram - Miss Latina World 2018

I am a proud Cuban Italian American who lives with my family- Mom, Dad, brother and pets. We have three dogs, two cats and two reptiles; many of them are rescue animals. Nothing is more important to me than my family, which includes my friends and pets. Food is a big part of culture and I love both Cuban and Italian cuisine, but there’s nothing better than my Mom’s arroz con pollo. I am a senior at Ball State University where I study public relations and fashion merchandising. Like many, I have struggled with ADD all my life, so I am very proud of making the Dean’s List last semester. Pageants became a big part of my life four years ago when I entered my first competition. I love being around other women who strive to improve their own lives while giving back to their communities. I have held various state titles which have given me a platform to promote the various charities I support. As an advocate for the homeless, I volunteer at a local shelter that helps families stay together and assists them in finding employment and permanent housing. Additionally, I volunteer at the local animal shelter and the Boys and Girls club. I believe true beauty lives within all of us. When we live our lives in service to each other, we are all beautiful!

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Love Always, Alex